'I found it cheaper on ebay...'

Let’s be honest, there is nothing you cannot get on ebay these days – and usually cheaper than in many high street stores. But please think about the service and warranties that you may get with any ebay purchase – it may be worth considering;

  1. We do not supply ‘ebay only stores’ so can you be sure that it is a genuine product?
  2. We cannot assist with any complaints against purchases from ‘ebay only’ stores.
  3. Does the seller have a clear returns and warranty policy?
  4. Do you have a registered address / contact details to return any products?
  5. What happens if the fit is wrong – does the seller have a return’s policy, and who will be responsible for postage costs?

These are just some of the reasons that we have developed the Sidi Select store network – to provide the highest levels of face-to-face, high quality customer service and enable instore staff to give the most appropriate advice. All of this means that you leave the Sidi Slect store 100% happy with your Sidi purchase and satisfied that it is the best product most suited to your needs.